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Appleが今回iPadで利用しているA4チップ。AはAppleの略。1GhzのチップはiPhoneの0.6Ghzとほぼ同じものである。このチップはSystem-on-a-ChipARM Cortex-A9 MPCoreを核としている。nVideaのTegraとQualcommのSnapdragonでグラフィックスの[ARM Mali 50-Series GPU]が追加されている。Samsungが生産する。競争相手はIntelのMoorestown Atomチップ、コチラはLGにスマートフォンで使われている。

PASemi/Appleチップは実際ARM IPなのだ。しかし時間が経つ連れてApple IPの割合は増えるだろう。1.3Ghzは携帯デバイスにはまだまだ熱を持ちすぎるそうだ。下の記事を読むと「SteveはGoebbels的に過大評価を自社製品に与える天才だ」と辛口なコメントが書いて有るのに驚く。ハード専門家が「まだアップルは一般技術しか使えてないが、自社の製品を過剰アピールする天才」とSteveの説明と製品を低く評価しているよう。

So yes, PA Semi/Apple chip is actu­ally mostly ARM IP. This is quite a log­i­cal step to do, given that this is first new piece of sil­i­con that came from PA Semi after the acqui­si­tion in April 2008. We’ll see if future iter­a­tions will have more Apple IP than ARMs, but some­how we doubt it. ARM is the per­va­sive force in the world of mobile chips, as wit­nessed by many new play­ers on the mar­ket. We could even con­clude that Apple log­i­cally fol­lowed what nVidia had done with their own SoC, Tegra, fol­lowed Qual­comm with their Snap­dragon, Sam­sung with their own Cortex-A9 core at 1GHz. BTW, as a small com­ment — isn’t it inter­est­ing how every­body is clock­ing the A9 core to 1GHz [nVidia, Qual­comm, Sam­sung, Texas Instru­ments]? This is due to the ther­mal sweetspot of the core, given that the max­i­mum achiev­able clock of 1.3 GHz comes with a sig­nif­i­cant ther­mal penalty.

Sim­i­lar SOC chip archi­tec­ture is already used in the iPhone and other smart­phones, such as Google’s Nexus One and Motorola’s Droid, as well as the upcom­ing tablets and smartbook/netbooks such as the ICD Vega and Ultra or Lenovo’s Skybook.

Dur­ing the Apple event in San Fran­cisco — the A4 was described as “the most advanced chip” Apple has done yet. While fast, it’s also good at man­ag­ing the power, thanks to advanced process man­u­fac­tur­ing at Sam­sung. BTW, do expect that Glob­al­Foundries just may bag Apple as a cus­tomer due to their indus­trial lead on 28nm and next-generation ARM proces­sors. Remem­ber where you read that first. “The A4 chip is so power effi­cient that it helps iPad get up to 10 hours of bat­tery life,“according to Apple’s ven­er­a­ble CEO, Mr. Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs also called iPad the “best [Web] brows­ing expe­ri­ence you’ve ever had. A whole Web page right in front of you that you can manip­u­late with your fin­gers. Way bet­ter than a laptop,” in a video of the event streamed by CNET. That brows­ing expe­ri­ence will mainly depend on the chip’s abil­ity to han­dle the back­ground tasks as future iPad user accesses dif­fer­ent images or videos. We might ad “true, for as long as you don’t visit flash laden sites.”

For us, it is very inter­est­ing to see that EE Times was banned from cov­er­ing Apple’s launch event due to this story. Then again, given that Steve Jobs con­trols the infor­ma­tion in a man­ner very sim­i­lar to Goebbels and pun­ishes the non-biased mem­bers of the media, we’re not sur­prised. EE Times broke many sto­ries in rela­tion to Apple. Here at BSN*, we broke the Mac Tax and now revealed the A4 [Mali GPU and ARM Cortex-A9 CPU core — is that really Apple IP or just a LEGO approach to build­ing an ASIC], so we don’t expect to be allowed into future Apple events either.

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micro-SIM is a smaller ver­sion of a SIM card. Micro-SIMs have been used for a num­ber of years in embed­ded smart devices, such as power meters. The phys­i­cal size of a micro-SIM is 12mm x 15mm.[1][2]

The “micro-SIM” is part of the ISO 7816 spec­i­fi­ca­tion. [3] Below is a link to a pic­ture of the new Mini UICC as it is called. The red part is the actual SIM card, smaller than the mini-SIM card most GSM phones use.


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    @medicalmaccom SoCですね。Apple iPadを解析する・Dissecting the Apple iPad

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    @medicalmaccom SoCですね。Apple iPadを解析する・Dissecting the Apple iPad

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    RT @onebeat: Apple iPadを解析する SoC and micro-SIMM・Dissecting the Apple iPad

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    micro SIM 初めて見たなりよ。こちら によるとA4はCortex-A9 MPCoreと。

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    RT @onebeat: Apple iPadを解析する SoC and micro-SIM・Dissecting the Apple iPad

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