Unlike Japan, Hong Kong and China is still boom­ing beyond belief. The city is bustling with shop­pers and high  rollers. Every day is a party here. I wish Japan’s econ­omy recov­ers soon, but being ranked in top 5 of nation with deficit, I see no sud­den change in the cur­rent situation.

CIA Fact­book, Pub­lic Debt : This entry records the cumu­la­tive total of all gov­ern­ment bor­row­ings less repay­ments that are denom­i­nated in a country’s home cur­rency. Pub­lic debt should not be con­fused with exter­nal debt, which reflects the for­eign cur­rency lia­bil­i­ties of both the pri­vate and pub­lic sec­tor and must be financed out of for­eign exchange earnings.

On my way here, Nikkei reported an iSup­ply arti­cle that only 5% of the iPad com­po­nents are Japan­ese. iPhone had close to 50%. The strong yen only makes things worse. Yes Japan is num­ber 2 in the world accord­ing to CIA. Not good at all.

Good news, my F430 Chal­lenge parts got shipped to Japan, back to rac­ing again I hope, bought a new Mac­Book Pro core i7, got a lot of iPad cases done and ship­ping, still enjoy­ing Hong Kong and China, shop­ping a bit, made 30 shirts to remake me from the black cheap UNIQLO shirts I only wore, got some pants and shoes (I never shopped for cloth in HK for a long time), get­ting more meet­ings done that I planned for, eat­ing less so loos­ing weight, unloaded things I can­not be respon­si­ble to other com­pa­nies, met loads of friends, mov­ing our office to Tokyo Mid­town in June with excel­lent view of the park there from our win­dows, see­ing killer prod­ucts from us on iPhone soon, met with Ron so we can finally get to work on the US mar­ket with Tunewear, Tunewear is every­where in HK and China now thanks to Steven and Co., more new things to sell from NAB by Chris, and am gen­er­ally happy, except for the Japan­ese econ­omy which wor­ries the shxt out of me.


  • http://twitter.com/hiroiwao/status/12396325219 HiroI­wao

    Japan­ese should check this arti­cle by @onebeat. http://bit.ly/cOL3r3

  • 匿名

    whoa! that’s a lot of pub­lic debt.… didnt know that…

  • giovanni_sg

    whoa! that’s a lot of pub­lic debt.… didnt know that…

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