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Yes­ter­day Steve Jobs announced he was leav­ing to put more atten­tion on his health. Although it went out as a Apple press release, it was a Steve Jobs announce­ment and not Apple’s as exem­pli­fied by the direct copy of his email to his staff.  Apple is all about peo­ple. Apple has the best minds in the world all tied together by Steve’s no bull­shit and no room for indi­vid­ual ego altered states that all top com­pa­nies fall vic­tim to.

Why does this cause Apple to loose 8% share value in Ger­man trad­ing? (US mar­ket was closed)

It is not the inno­va­tion and inven­tion that takes a loss at Apple with­out Steve,  it is the inherit dan­ger of standup play by a few execs that can kill a prod­uct or com­pany, thus loos­ing valu­able tal­ent and poten­tial inven­tion.  Apple has gone beyond that : cre­at­ing a gap so wide that no com­pany can match :

  • liq­uid metal and alu­minum machining
  • 1 OS for all devices and the world
  • iTunes, App store eco system
  • 1st rights to pre­cious lat­est tech­nol­ogy other’s can’t have
  • Apple Cult
  • State of the art pro­duc­tion, logis­tics and sales infrastructure
  • Years of ser­vice with­out blur by Tim Cook, Phil Schiller and team

I recently vis­ited an Apple fel­low who told me that Jobs’s had said “If peo­ple like Ruby (Jon Rubin­stein) were there, hell can break loose. Tim and Phil can def­i­nitely run the com­pany for well over the next 5 years and more.”  Jon was the rea­son for Ele­va­tion part­ners invest­ment in Palm, and now sales of Palm to HP. Now there is talk he may be the next pres­i­dent of HP, ben­e­fit­ing him and the investors mil­lions with no real gain to HP as they choose to shelve the Palm OS in favor of the Android OS.

That sort of thing would never have hap­pened at Apple even dur­ing the dif­fi­cult days.

Apple even with­out Steve’s nav­i­ga­tion has a lot to offer. They have built such a firm lead and sta­ble ground. It would not be pos­si­ble for Google nor Microsoft to catch up with Apple in the fore­see­able future in terms of mobile device and eco sys­tem adop­tion. Android OS obvi­ously has poten­tial, but many bar­ri­ers such as secu­rity of OS and mul­ti­ple device man­u­fac­turer will be cause a bot­tle­neck in flaw­less oper­a­tion of device com­pared to a 1 device 1 OS com­pany. Free OS can­not sur­vive in a per­sonal device made by 100 man­u­fac­tur­ers, Free OS can only sur­vive in places such as server and embed­ded machine which does not get cus­tomized every sec­ond. Free OS is good for repet­i­tive chores, not for app and device layer soft­ware chang­ing every second.

Apple has so much to offer and has the tal­ent event with­out Steve Jobs to make it work. Although it was only a year, I worked for Tim Cook and know for a fact he saved the com­pany, he drove the sales. Steve had the prod­uct vision and human resource vision. Now all they need is young genius engi­neers and HR to step up to the  chal­lenge, and they should know how to man­age it after 10 years of inter­nal education.

I wish the best to Steve and my prayers are with him, but with or with­out Steve Jobs, Apple will con­tinue to excel in every­thing they do. Only ego of future helm can ruin the com­pany. Tim and Phil are very very ordi­nary hard­work­ing good people.


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