I have been a BANKSY col­lec­tor for a while. You can see some on my pre­vi­ous post, I got a few in my office. I even vis­ited Lon­don with Kazu just to see BANKSY. After col­lect­ing some dur­ing the peak price days from auc­tions all over the world and thru gal­leries, I kinda faded out. So David my close friend emails me and says “great movie and must see” I bought it on iTunes and saw it in 3 days as I ran 30 min each on a tread­mill at the Ritz Gym.

The movie is pro­duced by BANKSY, of a cam­era freak French­man named Thierry Guetta who thru var­i­ous street artists become friends with BANKSY and in the end becomes Mr. Brain­wash, a LA Street Art sen­sa­tion sell­ing 1 mil­lion dol­lars in 1 open­ing day.

The movie is about street art, but has a deeper mes­sage from BANKSY telling the pub­lic inclu­sive of Thierry that Street Art comes from years of work and not a quick overnight fix. Thierry claims oth­er­wise. Banksy makes a mock­ery out of peo­ple who flocked and paid tens of thou­sands of dol­lars to buy the sup­posed Art Sen­sa­tion by Mr. Brain­wash (ini­tialled MBW).

Shep­ard Far­ley also appears (and I col­lect a few thanks to Adam) and sends the view the same mes­sage as BANKSY, there are Street Art that have orig­i­nal­ity and mean­ing, then there are Fad­dish Quick Fix Copy and Paste art that the une­d­u­cated masses thinks it’s cool because of col­ors and mix mash of subjects.

I noticed this film when I was watch­ing the 2010 Acad­emy Awards as it was nom­i­nated for an Oscar Doc­u­men­tary, and it would have won, but Inside Job took on sub­ject mat­ter that appealed to a wider audi­ence and was won­der­fully pro­duced like Lesoto.

So if you love street art and mes­sag­ing and how you can be one overnight but have no mean­ing, this is a movie for you.


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