• Japan=Pluto T Shirts & AKB 48 : World=Facebook hires hacker as employee, I need to look at hir­ing some assas­sins for my sales team. #
  • Russia=dump mas­sive amounts of con­crete as soon as pos­si­ble / Japan=build a nice look­ing build­ing over month on 1 reac­tor over blown reac­tor #
  • Human expense over time or Human sac­ri­fice now is the only cur­rency to pay for a nuclear dis­as­ter. How­ever any­thing done over time cost more #
  • Japan’s Tohoku shores will be the ideal future city of Japan, as new rebuild will cre­ate a safer and sen­si­ble infra­struc­ture. Bright Future #
  • China likely one of largest investor in TEPCO now, along with Japan long term gov­ern­ment debt. http://bit.ly/kXoCag #
  • @d4rkie since TEPCO made videos with Nuke PhDs say­ing eat­ing PLUTONIUM is not harm­ful to health I do not know why nobody is dump­ing con­crete in reply to d4rkie #
  • @d4rkie by some radioac­tiv­ity data, it already is. Only dif­fer­ence is that we got kids liv­ing there still and Pripyat only has a few old in reply to d4rkie #
  • gotta gym now, lazy so only sauna and break­fast with a view maybe. got to get my body back to re-criticality #
  • @d4rkie in Japan­ese democ­racy, no one is respon­si­ble. polit­i­cal lead­ers are just step in humans to man­age for coun­try for 1 year in Japan. in reply to d4rkie #
  • @d4rkie Kanji to Romaji Con­verter v1.1 seems cool. did’t know you are a soft­ware devel­oper http://bit.ly/mThDSa in reply to d4rkie #
  • @d4rkie I know, towns and cities are mak­ing own mea­sure­ment and deci­sion to evac­u­ate and check peo­ple. that is good. in reply to d4rkie #
  • won­der why Japan hack­ers don’t do the same to TEPCO. TAME. RT @BBC­World: Anony­mous declares war on Orlando http://bbc.in/jKCG8j #
  • @d4rkie reminds me of ear­lier years when hack­ers ruled the net. Com­ing of another NEW WORLD ORDER I guess. How fun and scary. in reply to d4rkie #
  • Many proof mounts that the March 21st reac­tor #3 inci­dent was the most seri­ous of all inci­dents in Fukushima, on here http://bit.ly/iOujkM #
  • I guess next month race in Shang­hai on the Fer­rari Chal­lenge, we’;; all be dri­ving 7th gear at 9000rpm for a 310km into cor­ners #
  • Mod­ern flooded Medium can no longer be the mes­sage. “The medium is the mes­sage” is a phrase coined by Mar­shall McLuhan 1960’s. #
  • @HidekiOnda Mass Social Sta­tis­tic is the mes­sage now. in reply to HidekiOnda #
  • suteki @ 六本木ヒルズ ヒルサイド 1F http://instagr.am/p/GlTcu/ #
  • pho­tos from march 11th 2011 http://instagr.am/p/GlXKt/ #
  • TEPCO shares are at all time low, but I think the radi­a­tion and reac­tor data they accu­mu­late thru this event will be very very valu­able, #
  • @HidekiOnda That includes lessons learned in rad effects on humans, reac design, infor­ma­tion con­trol, re-criticality ele­ments, dirty war­fare in reply to HidekiOnda #
  • @HidekiOnda com­pa­nies work­ing with TEPCO has most to gain in future reac­tor design, water purifi­ca­tion, dis­as­tor con­trol and rebuild­ing city in reply to HidekiOnda #
  • ノジマで機種変 「電話なくしたのでSIM無いし電話止めてない」 と言ったら二人の店員に睨まれdocomoへ先に行けと追い出された #
  • @HidekiOnda 顔と格好を見ればだれでも追い出すともう in reply to HidekiOnda #
  • red is nice http://instagr.am/p/GmM7C/ #
  • @access­busters Hi, I hope you and Kub­ota san and Mongkok san all come to Shang­hai for the race. in reply to access­busters #
  • Got my Galaxy S II I kinda like it for TV and Modem use. It is my backup phone, so that’s 2 iPhones and 1 Galaxy, freak­ing 3 phones to carry #
  • @TKMiVJ happy birth­day #
  • @access­busters 走るよ、走る。前回Zhuhai写真はこちら。http://bit.ly/lsre5a in reply to access­busters #
  • While over­seas and local PhD’s warn if reac 4 pool fails or any reac blow, whole of JP can expe­ri­ence dev­as­ta­tion, JP min­is­ter OK reac start #
  • bought parma ham rodig­giano cheeez and diner @ ritz membr lounge chi­rashi and pasta, oh gotta go uniqlo, throw away nama­mono #one­week­in­japan #
  • i can see my office from my club . クラブから自分の会社が見える @ ザ・リッツ・カールトン東京 (The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo) http://instagr.am/p/Gmmrv/ #
  • ロディジアーノはパルメジャーノより高級?ミルクが違うらしい @ 東京ミッドタウンタワー http://instagr.am/p/GmogH/ #
  • nice gift from Fer­rari Japan sha­cho Her­bert @ 東京ミッドタウンタワー http://instagr.am/p/Gmo7U/ #


  • http://twitter.com/rakuten_bank/status/86094187308658688 樂典フィードバンク

    @HidekiOnda Twit­ter Updates for 2011-06-29: Japan=Pluto T Shirts & AKB 48 : World=Facebook hires hacker as emplo… http://bit.ly/mPledm

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