• http://bit.ly/kROIw1 @ishtarist goes thru extreme analy­sis to say 3/20 explo­sion the worst, use Google Trans­late #
  • @Japana­van use google trans­late report here on TEPCO PhD Pay­outs after 3/11 http://bit.ly/iTxS4n in reply to Japana­van #
  • in wrote a nasy tweet, my back­space ate it all, thank God, pre­served my social respect http://t.co/Meckb8J #
  • my staff does a much bet­ter job pre­sent­ing our prod­ucts so I am not in AUGM Sup­poro but I really miss the peo­ple there. Wish I Was There #
  • No Google and Intel include 4G & other major­PATs. Apple, Microsoft and RIM lead group buy­ing Nor­tel patents for $4.5bn http://tnw.to/19nPP #
  • Of 4325 know Fukushima work­ers, 2083 has no Radi­a­tion mea­sure­ment data, 1295 is not known where they are, It is real­ity on how we don’t care #
  • @HidekiOnda link use google trans­late 福島第1 作業員1295人所在不明 13日までの報告指導 http://bit.ly/lALWB3 in reply to HidekiOnda #


  • http://twitter.com/rakuten_bank/status/86818656432029696 樂典フィードバンク

    @HidekiOnda Twit­ter Updates for 2011-07-01: http://bit.ly/kROIw1 @ishtarist goes thru extreme analy­sis to say 3/… http://bit.ly/mLw8Rk

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