• @AGEAGE­Nao­ryu こちらこど、Nao­ryuさんも耐久がんばってください。 in reply to AGEAGE­Nao­ryu #
  • Luca Mon­tezemello & Fer­rari Japan held a very suc­cess­ful char­ity auc­tion event at the Ital­ian Embassy, FF sold for 550,000 USD. #
  • @HidekiOnda all pro­ceeds to go to Ishi­no­maki City (Mayor was in atten­dance) to help chil­dren. There were more items sold. in reply to HidekiOnda #
  • Min­is­ter hired to rebuild north­ern Japan quits after few days in office over his inap­pro­pri­ate com­ments to Miyagi City Mayor. #
  • Prepar­ing for a race in hot cli­mate : 1 hour of 98 degree sauna, dri­ving in full race out­fit with­out the air­con on in city streets, eat hot #
  • Being invited to so many new social stuff, it is get­ting out of hand. Once you join a new one, there are so much work to do. Never ends.. #
  • Like the min­is­ter who quit today, no one seems to see or vision the big pic­ture. Many are swim­ming in pool of short views, pride and denial #
  • Off to HK tomor­row, before that more UNIQLO shop­ping in Mid­town (yes they have them there but stuff here is bet­ter) . It’s become my uni­form #
  • And I really want a Mac­Book Air 13, can’t han­dle the 15″ weight any­more, but new Mac­Books are com­ing July 14 or 19 with Lion so gotta wait. #
  • @schizokids いいね! :) in reply to schizokids #
  • @Chal­lengeCorsa @AGEAGENaoryu @miya430 @picar3 おれもそんな話だと記憶している。イニシエーションは鼻に唐辛子を砕いて入れてトロフィーレース完走することも話したような記憶が。。。3位以下はもっと悲惨な罰ゲームがあることも話していたような in reply to Chal­lengeCorsa #
  • 5とトラはなかなか良い。 #
  • @hsa­take 素晴らしい。Alco­ho­lAp­pleですね in reply to hsa­take #
  • @DAIDOH3 近いうち参加します。楽しそう。 in reply to DAIDOH3 #
  • FF is so sexy @ ザ・リッツ・カールトン東京 (The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo) http://instagr.am/p/HBbSw/ #
  • FF rear is um so nice http://instagr.am/p/HBbmm/ #
  • FF has a smi­ley front face, kinda cute http://instagr.am/p/HBcCz/ #
  • worry noth­ing, do noth­ing, com­plain, hide truth, deny truth, lie, the hell with health, rebuild, don’t evac­u­ate, trust no one, be happy phew #


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    @HidekiOnda Twit­ter Updates for 2011-07-05: @AGEAGENaoryu こちらこど、Nao­ryuさんも耐久がんばってください。 in reply to AGEAGE­Nao­ryu #… http://bit.ly/kvSKd1

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