• Here is a new Damien Hirst for you. No more dots, sliced cows or dia­mond skull. He has gone back to his roots http://lockerz.com/s/117306614 #
  • I’m sure that in time, every bit of her will be gone and her death will be a mys­tery… even to me.” #
  • holy cow, missed my flight. #
  • cold pasta for sum­mer @ cova http://instagr.am/p/HEJQA/ #
  • 何で俺のライオンは2 fin­ger direc­tional scrollがコンパネの映像と逆なのか?GMの呪いなのか?直せないのか長い間考えている #
  • 凄い RT @bodegem: Wow! RT @francescofrz: One of the most promis­ing advance­ment in pho­tog­ra­phy: “Shoot first, focus after.” http://t.co/nILFclS #
  • これ凄い、まずは撮影、フォーカスは後でだって。 革命ですね Check­out this on Lytro: http://t.co/kePxwnu #
  • グルーポンにはいなくなってもらった(解除) #
  • @emoyan 本当にね。普通限界までテストすることを言うんだけど、車のドアヒンジとか圧かけて。テストで事故があったらおしまいだよね。 in reply to emoyan #
  • 用語が間違っている。本来なら「非破壊検査」とかでしょう。RT @emoyan: ストレステストって何するの? #
  • Sal­va­tore 「なぅ」じゃなくって「アゲイン」な夜だ。 #
  • Watch­ing “Dis­trict 9″ and eat­ing din­ner is not work­ing out for me. ”第9地区”を見ながら夕食は不味かったな。 http://lockerz.com/s/117535668 #
  • @m33h ワインは飲んでいませんよ。エビは沢山画面でぐちゃぐちゃになっていますが。 in reply to m33h #
  • @med­ical­mac­com @m33h ね、先生、長谷川さん皆さん元気で何より。笑える元気が大事な時代ですから。 in reply to med­ical­mac­com #
  • Damm, TV is doing spe­cial on radi­a­tion hotspots in Japan. They got all these Pro Nuke PhD’s talk­ing. How we should not worry. GOEBBELS ! #
  • @HidekiOnda Title was “why Japan­ese cit­i­zen con­tinue to worry about radi­a­tion” as if noth­ing hap­pen­ing. should be “why we should be wor­ried” in reply to HidekiOnda #
  • So they found Cesium in 45% of 1k kids thy­roids tested, choose well after decay and far from Fukushima. Imag­ine if they tested 3/15&close by #
  • North­ern Japan has become an exper­i­ment in radi­a­tion of EPIC pro­por­tions. Data Col­lec­tion “Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds” #
  • Google is nuk­ing the “Blog­ger” and “Picasa” brands, rolling them into Google+. SAI #
  • Face­book is announc­ing “some­thing awe­some” today. Chat­ter is it might be Skype-powered video chat. SAI #
  • In another push to get you to use Google+, dammit, whether you like it or not, Google will be mak­ing your Pro­file pub­lic. WTF SAI #
  • Twit­ter is rais­ing money at a $7 bil­lion val­u­a­tion. SAI #
  • ME TOO PLEASE ! Microsoft pays a cus­tomer $250,000 to choose its prod­uct over Google’s. We guess that means busi­ness is doing great. #
  • 100mSV is noth­ing to worry even for preg­nant women. This Damm idiot PhD, say­ing risk so small. Won­der how much he got paid. #
  • プライムニュース:「100mSVでも妊婦への影響は無い、心配ない。関係ない数値だ」推進は医師、いくらもらってんだろう? #
  • いいね! RT @RC_Aerial: ジンバル4号機が完成したのでアップしました(@YouTube http://youtu.be/vnLmXIOyX_Q) #


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