from Axis of Over­steer Cairone Andrea

Andrea from Axis of Over­steer sent me this pic­ture this morn­ing. This looks like the “Fer­rari” authen­tic GT2 devel­oped with Michelotto.

Here are my assump­tions on notice­able dif­fer­ences are :

  • front sec­tion lower bumper — com­pletely dif­fer­ent, small winglets
  • front may have been widened
  • front hood — slits in 3 rows and 2 holes next to the Fer­rari logo
  • door mir­rors are light­weight car­bon, small and long, also to cover site to adjust to widen­ing of the car
  • side spoiler — gives more air to the wide rear
  • 308 type rear air intake in widened read body wheel sill
  • 18inch tires with BBS wheels and prob­a­bly steel brakes
  • 2 plane wing, mas­sive wheel cov­er­ing widened body
  • car height much lower than challenge
  • car is made from Chal­lenge as no one has a car except Fer­rari and the front lexan win­dow is from a Challenge
  • car is tested in Fio­rano on Novem­ber 30th as I was told so on Novem­ber 29th in Valen­cia dur­ing 458 Chal­lenge test by a Fer­rari staff
  • Kit to be avail­able to 458 Chal­lenge own­ers later on in 2011, ini­tially avail­able to the major Fer­rari GT teams, Kessel, Rizzi etc


  • 全面スポイラーの変更、ウイングレット追加(可変フロントスポイラーは無い)
  • フロント車幅ワイド化
  • フロントカバーの変更、3列のスリット、2個の穴がロゴ横に開く
  • ドアミラーの軽量化、リアワイド化に対応のため細く長く突き出ている
  • サイドスポイラーの形状変化、ワイド化のため会わせている
  • リアにエアーインテークを設けている 308タイプ
  • 18インチタイア、BBSホイールとスチールブレーキ
  • 強大な二枚構造のリアウイング、ワイドボディーもカバーする巨大なもの
  • チャレンジより低い車体
  • 車両は458チャレンジをベースにしているのは明らか
  • 車両は11月30日雪の上がったフィオラノでテスト(バレンシアで458チャレンジテスト時「明日458 GT2のテストだ、でもフィオラノは雪だ」と聞く
  • このGT2キットは458チャレンジオーナーへ来年後半で供給する。現在はミケロットと共にトップGTチームへ供給予定(KesselとRizzi等)

I am mak­ing a short film about Fer­rari rac­ing. Just a quick early teaser.

フェラーリレーシングのショートフィルムを作っています。Pro­duced by Hideki Fran­cis Onda and Directed by Ryo Suzuki.


Our com­pany shot and edited a video in Japan­ese for UK maker Native Union on iKan Sys­tems prod­ucts and 5DmkII.

弊社Cin­ema LaboがNative Union社のMoshi Moshi 04のビデオを撮影、編集しアップしました。Canon EOS5DmkII and iKan rig使用。



So here is the video from test event of 458 Chal­lenge for Chal­lenge and Cli­enti dri­vers. Enjoy. To view at 720p, play and click the res­o­lu­tion but­ton on the right bot­tom. This film was shot by me wear­ing leather shoes (I should have kept on wear­ing my dri­ving suite and shoes) and hand­held Pana­sonic GH2 record­ing at 24fps cine mode. The lens is a Nok­ton 25mm lens with f0.95 and pro­duces amaz­ing depth of field. I should have bought a tri­pod. Film was just slapped together. Maybe I will have time to edit later.

458チャレンジテストのビデオです。「スピンしちゃった」とか言っている所が自分でも笑えます。大画面で720pの画質でお楽しみください。撮影は手持ちのGH2 and Nok­ton 25mm 0.95。


Photo by Roberto Viva, cour­tesy of Fer­rari S.p.A — Board­ing now

May favorite page, Axis of Over­steer has posted my arti­cle and I am very happy I can share some images and impres­sion of this fine fine fine car. Thanks to Andrea Cairone for the opportunity.

Photo by Roberto Viva, cour­tesy of Fer­rari S.p.A — Some instruction

Photo by Roberto Viva, cour­tesy of Fer­rari S.p.A — Fab­u­lous, Thanks to Andrea from Fer­rari who is in charge of Chal­lenge APAC and is a cham­pion racer himself

Photo by Roberto Viva, cour­tesy of Fer­rari S.p.A — Pro dri­ver Mr. Hinoi also teaches Pilota in Japan and is my teacher, test dri­ver, 458 devel­oper and brake spe­cial­ist Mau­r­izio Medi­ani is in the back.


Image shadow set­ting adjusted in iPhoto. Can’t beat a Leica no mat­ter what you do. Bad exam­ple of com­par­i­son but look at them in detail, they are quite dif­fer­ent.  Leica is FULL FRAME so 50mm lens yields 50mm shots. GH2 on the other hand is APS-C so 25mm lens yields 50mm, the same as the Leica setup.




I was excited to see that they had 4 cars ready for Corse Cli­enti dri­vers upon my arrival at Ricardo Torino cir­cuit. Out of the 4 cars, 2 were in white thus mak­ing this the sec­ondary color after Rosso Corsa. It just goes to show that Fer­rari is sell­ing a lot of white 458 in the gen­eral market.

Get­ting into the heart of the mat­ter, the 458 Chal­lenge is quite dif­fer­ent from your reg­u­lar 458 Italia road car. You imme­di­ately notice that the car is much lower, has two quick fill fuel open­ings on the side, wears a BBS wheel with Pirelli slicks and has only 2 exhaust out­lets in the rear.

Since I own the 458 Italia road car and a 430 Chal­lenge, let me com­pare them with the 458 Challenge.

Upon sit­ting in the dri­vers seat, the 1st thing you notice is that all the con­trols are on the steer­ing like the 458 Italia. From top they are
FLASH = high beam, PIT = once in 2nd gear and below 60km, any sub­se­quent press on gas make the car main­tain 60km pit speed like a GT car, SCROLL = to scroll LCD data for teleme­try and func­tions, RADIO = voice on off for radio with pit staff, LEFT and RIGHT = appro­pri­ately placed turn sig­nals, WATER = wind­shield fluid to clean front, WIPER = front wind­shield wipers, and the most impor­tant switch of them all, the eDiff 2/1/OFF switch. There are no bars pro­trud­ing from the steer­ing wheel, just the good old shift pad­dles on left and right, slightly longer than the road car.

Instead a cen­ter rev counter and LCS’s on each side, the Chal­lenge has one sin­gle large LCD mon­i­tor show­ing you all that you need to know. Turn sig­nals, RPM and teleme­try data can be observed here by using the SCROLL but­ton. Need­less to say the steer­ing wheel is detachable.

The only other con­trols are located in the cen­ter area, the new IGNITION switch with cov­ers and the ENGINE START but­ton below it, LIGHT and RAIN LIGHT switch and the A/C ON/OFF switch with 0–1-2–3 AC FAN rotary switch. There is a power cut off lever wired to the out­side of the car as well, stan­dard in any rac­ing cars. Thank god they placed the ® reverse but­ton where I can see and reach below the cen­ter console.

When I sat in the car, I felt very strange because it felt com­fort­able unlike my 430 Chal­lenge. It felt very roomy like my road car.

By the time I drove the car, the race­way was par­tially rain­ing and the Fer­rari staff had changed to new rain Pirellis. Since the con­di­tion was par­tially dry and the rain tire was new, I had some prob­lems on my out lap try­ing to heat up the tires, so time to let eDiff do the work.

Set on 2, the eDiff assists the dri­ver so that brand new or worn out tires will still keep you in the race. After my out lap I tried the set­ting 1 but could not notice a big dif­fer­ence since I failed to warmup the car and con­di­tion was not ideal, but once in the cir­cuit you notice some­thing about this car. It has end­less amount of power and the trac­tion is trans­lated directly to the road in every way to push you for­ward. There is very very lit­tle loss of trac­tion, so the car has abil­i­ties to push you out of the cor­ner and achieve high speed imme­di­ately. The car also has very lit­tle roll. I tested the 458 Italia under sim­i­lar semi wet con­di­tions in Fuji Speed­way and the car has very lit­tle roll, but the Chal­lenge absolutely does not roll, you are flat on the ground all the time. If you are used to rolling your head wit the car like me on the 430 Chal­lenge beware, car wont roll so it will be a good idea to train your neck for this car.

The brakes are also amaz­ing, even at 100m and 220km the car will come to a sud­den stop and turn­ing the car is effort­less as it just turns and turns and turns with­out under­steer because the nose just dives in when you turn the steer­ing wheel. I am told that the brakes are the same size as the FXX Evo but 8mm thicker in the front. I am told by Mas­simo who helped develop the brakes with Fer­rari that the soft­ware and pads are more an advanced ver­sion than the FXX Evo. The brake disk will last you one race year, but pads will last only 2 day race week­ends. The com­pound used in the pads are spe­cial, and vis­i­bly is dif­fer­ent from the street car.

The shift up and down in amaz­ing as well. The rac­ing dual clutch pro­duces no jit­ter when shift­ing very sim­i­lar to the road car. The engine under eDiff Off pro­duces rapidly ris­ing RPM, you need to be shift­ing quickly as the rev LED goes quickly from green to red zone.

All in all this is one of the finest race car Fer­rari has ever pro­duced, attested by the fact that they had to de-tune it because it had so much trac­tion power on track, a tes­ta­ment to the achieve­ment of eDiff trac­tion con­trol. Fer­rari engi­neers share some light on how one would use the 2–1-OFF set­tings. When asked “does the 2 or 1 set­ting inter­fere with dri­vers like the ASR on 430 Chal­lenge?” Fer­rari “No, a pro­fes­sional dri­ver can drive just as fast on OFF or 1, this is a new con­cept not to be con­fused with ASR on 430 Chal­lenge or 458 Italia road car. So if you are run­ning a long race, you may start out by using OFF or 1 to start the race, as your tire wears out, or it rains, you can set to 2 to allow you to con­tinue an aggres­sive race and survive.”

The car weigh only 1150kg even with the 20kg air con­di­tioner installed and has a 48:52 weight ratio. “Every­thing about this car is dif­fer­ent from the road car. Even the frame is dif­fer­ent.” says Fer­rari. To my delight I was told that Fer­rari is devel­op­ing a GT3 kit with Mich­e­lotto and will pro­vide these in the later half of 2011 as gen­uine Fer­rari Parts.

You can­not com­pare the 458 Chal­lenge to the 458 Chal­lenge. Like com­par­ing 430 and 458 road car, there is no com­par­i­son so it is cor­rect to assume that 458 Chal­lenge is in a league on it’s own and will win many many GT races all over the world in 2011.

In 430 Chal­lenge you only have ASR, which is brake and engine cut­off con­trol. In 458 Chal­lenge in set­tings of 2, you have slight man­age­ment of these both, but it is the pneu­mat­i­cally con­trolled elec­tronic dif­fer­en­tial that does most of the job to keep you run­ning fast with­out wast­ing any trac­tion else­where. This is a real leap of tech­nol­ogy. Although Fer­rari would not admit it, a tuned 458 Chal­lenge will prob­a­bly beat a lot of their high end spe­cial cars like the XXs.

More PIC here


Here is a short video show­ing you the details Atomic Floyd goes to make their qual­ity head­phones, see more than your eye can see.

Atomic Floydの新作 miniDarts + マイクロホンの簡単な製品ビデオが完成しました。肉眼では見えない細部まで見れます。よろしかったらどうぞ。

Buy Atomic Floyd を買う


I cre­ated this design in early 2005 for ini­tial iPods. I wanted to have a case that hang from my belt loop and was easy to take out, styl­ish and pro­tected my iPod. Now after 5 years, here is one for the iPhone via pop­u­lar demand. Not only that I have added some excel­lent enamel crock­dile skins to the mix to give it more choices to users so that they can make a fash­ion state­ment there is a card holder with a hole for mag­netic elec­tronic card is in the back for your daily key or train rides. The metal hook can be eas­ily taken and I have used vel­cro for the clos­ing part to avoid the COMPASS APP in iPhone 4 going hay­wire from mag­nets. Many com­pa­nies still use mag­nets to close these types of cases which accord­ing to Apple is a no no and I agree.

Ambassadorは私が5年前通常のiPod用にデザインした製品。この形で簡単に鞄や腰かぶら下げるデザインを最初にしたのは私で、意匠登録も5年前にしています。多くのお客様から「是非iPhone 4用を出してほしい」との事から今回アナウンスさせていただきました。今回はエナメル加工した本革にクロッコダイルプレス加工をしたラインアップをファッションコンシャスなユーザーのために増やしました。エナメルクロッコは全部「金」の金具付き。この金具も実は凄いんです、金具自身を簡単に取り外す事ができます。iPhoneアプリ「コンパス」で問題を起こさないように磁石ではなく高級ベルクロを利用しています。

PRIE Ambas­sador for iPhone 4】
PRIE Ambas­sador for iPhone 4は、高級本革を使用したiPhone 4用のフックスタイルキャリングケースです。取り外し可能なメタルフック「TUNEHOOK」により、ベルトループやバッグなどに装着してiPhoneをスマートにキャリングすることができます。フックの装着はワンタッチで行えます。フック部分を押して装着したい場所にかけるだけです。




製品には、iPhone の液晶部分を保護する液晶保護フィルム、液晶保護フィルムを簡単に張ることが出来る専用コテ、液晶の油分や汚れなどを拭きとるのに便利なクリーニングクロスが付属しています。


カラーモデルは、ブラックレザーにホワイトのスティッチで縫い上げた「B/W」、ブラックレザーにレッドのスティッチで縫い上げた「B/R」、ホワイトレザーにホワイトのスティッチで縫い上げた「Snow」のベーシックな3モデルと、ブラックレザーにクロコダイルの型押しとエナメル加工を施し、ブラックのスティッチで縫い上げた「Black Crocodile」、グリーンレーザーにクロコダイルの型押しとエナメル加工を施し、グリーンのスティッチで縫い上げた「Green Crocodile」、そしてレッドレーザーにクロコダイルの型押しとエナメル加工を施し、レッドのスティッチで縫い上げた「Red Crocodile」の合計6つのモデルから選べます。

TUNEHOOKは、本体のカラーに合わせた2色があり、「B/W」、「B/R」、「Snow」にはベーシックなシルバーのTUNEHOOK、「Black Crocodile」、「Green Crocodile」、「Red Crocodile」にはゴージャスなゴールドのTUNEHOOKがそれぞれ付属しています。

Black Croc­o­dile(ブラックエナメルクロコダイル型押しレザー/ブラックスティッチ)
Red Croc­o­dile(レッドエナメルクロコダイル型押しレザー/レッドスティッチ)
Green Crocodile(グリーンエナメルクロコダイル型押しレザー/グリーンスティッチ)

PRIE Ambas­sador for iPhone 4本体
・液晶保護フィルム TUNEFILM

重さ:約40g(フック含まず)※ モデルにより前後あり

■ 対応モデル
iPhone 4

型番:TUN-IP-000179 (クリア)
TUN-IP-000180 (ピンク)
TUN-IP-000181 (レッド)
TUN-IP-000182 (オレンジ)
TUN-IP-000183 (イエロー)
TUN-IP-000184 (グリーン)
TUN-IP-000185 (ブルー)
TUN-IP-000186 (パープル)
TUN-IP-000187 (ブラック)

発売時期:12月初旬  TUN-PH-100020 (B/W)
12月初旬  TUN-PH-100021 (B/R)
12月下旬  TUN-PH-100022 (Snow)
2011年1月 TUN-PH-100023 (Black Croc­o­dile)
2011年1月 TUN-PH-100024 (Red Croc­o­dile)
2011年1月 TUN-PH-100025 (Green Crocodile)

PRIE Ambas­sador for iPhone 4 製品情報ページ





TUNEWEAR is BIG in Hong Kong thanks to work by Hong Kong TUNEWEAR main office staff and our friend Louis. I am very happy of what they have accom­plished and promise to the world we will con­tinue to inno­vate and pro­vide the best pos­si­ble prod­ucts for con­sumers to pur­chase. Our PR cam­paign with our dis­trib­u­tor in Hong Kong has risen to newer lev­els, as exem­pli­fied by these pic­tures. See the large BILLBOARD we have in Hong Kong and in store setups.


You can­not be BIG in Hong Kong with­out a huge BILLBOARD in mid­dle of the city

We are get­ting arti­cles in Mag­a­zines every month

Setup right by the check­out counter in the pres­ti­gious LOG-ON in City Super

Well lit up dis­plays to show the prod­uct is important

hav­ing small check­out counter dis­play is help­ful, these stores are all so crammed with prod­ucts so this is a good idea

Design and Dis­play is important

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