I always wanted to write about the dis­rup­tive tech­nolo­gies the inter­net gives birth to every few years. Of course, there is no doubt that the Inter­net itself is a force­ful tech­nol­ogy trans­form­ing the tra­di­tional method of com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Tech­nol­ogy coex­ists, gets enhanced or dis­ap­pears as oth­ers appear.
The rea­son I am writ­ing this arti­cle is because I am so involved and wit­ness around me how “Cit­i­zen Jour­nal­ism” has faired over the years. Real­time eye­wit­ness tweets in the Mum­bai tragedy in 2008. Tweets to search for miss­ing per­sons in Argentina.  Blogs writ­ten by a office worker cre­ates mas­sive trends and schol­arly respects than a uni­ver­sity Ph.D. We are  all bet­ter equipped than a Satel­lite News Gath­er­ing  (SNG/ENG) truck, just with a smart­phone and the airwaves.

Of course the term Cit­i­zen Jour­nal­ist came into focus as blogs and per­sonal home pages took off, twit­ter gave it a new life as wit­ness accounts of major events were done in real­time. So in 2006, you had the rise of the blog­gers, in 2008 you had the tweets updat­ing news and in 2009, stream­ing make it’s mark. It will not take time to see major news, tri­umphs and tragedy brought to you in real time by an ordi­nary Joe with a smart­phone at the wrong or right place at the right time.


1) The Par­a­digm shift : when new dis­rup­tive tech­nol­ogy change the under­ly­ing tech­nol­ogy plat­form and trans­form it : Ustream

Attach a small cam­era onto your col­lar, put your­self in an inter­est­ing envi­ron­ment and you can share your sit­u­a­tion live to any­one that cares to watch it.  Surely this is a Par­a­digm shift or rev­o­lu­tion­ary sci­ence, exactly what Thomas Kuhn meant in his book in 1962 when he coined the phrase. One of his major obser­va­tion was that sci­ence under­goes a rev­o­lu­tion change period instead of a lin­ear and con­tin­u­ous way. Sound famil­iar? Change the word sci­ence to Inter­net, and you will see that twitter/ustream together sin­gle hand­edly is cre­at­ing a par­a­digm shift within the inter­net from a dull, flat browser based, email and data share platform.

2) Inflec­tion point : the chang­ing of the rules

In dif­fer­en­tial cal­cu­lus, an inflec­tion pointpoint of inflec­tion, or inflec­tion is a point on a curve at which the cur­va­ture (sec­ond deriv­a­tive) changes signs. The curve changes from being con­cave upwards (pos­i­tive cur­va­ture) to con­cave down­wards (neg­a­tive cur­va­ture), or vice versa. If one imag­ines dri­ving a vehi­cle along a wind­ing road, inflec­tion is the point at which the steering-wheel is momen­tar­ily “straight” when being turned from left to right or vice versa.” from Wiki.

The The Par­a­digm shift even­tu­ally will cause social and com­mer­cials rules to change. No one can fore­see this, as this change is fluid and may be manip­u­lated to pub­lic opin­ion. Rules may change on how news and pro­gram trans­mits, effect­ing the debate on spec­trum usage after ana­log TV fre­quen­cies free up.  We see the wind­ing road but we are not sure about which side we need to turn the han­dle. We have too much infor­ma­tion that is gar­bled ( by those who do not wel­come change ) and this is affect­ing our effi­ciency to make good decisions.

3) Dis­rup­tive tech­nol­ogy : born to disrupt

“Dis­rup­tive inno­va­tion is a term used in busi­ness and tech­nol­ogy lit­er­a­ture to describe inno­va­tions that improve a prod­uct or ser­vice in ways that the mar­ket does not expect, typ­i­cally by low­er­ing price or design­ing for a dif­fer­ent set of con­sumers.” agan from Wiki.

As mis­siles replace artillery, the tele­vi­sion — movie the­aters, dis­rup­tive tech­nol­ogy always pointed to a gen­eral mer­chan­dize man­u­fac­tured around the world by many com­pa­nies. Only Moog and a few com­pa­nies had the dis­rup­tive­ness to pro­vide replace­ment like  organs to syn­the­sizer, which in turn was man­u­fac­tured by Roland  with many com­pa­nies to follow.

I see Apple’s iPhone/iPad and Google’s Android plat­form hard­ware a com­bi­na­tion to be replac­ing paper fax and all forms of com­mu­ni­ca­tion int he near future. Far fetched? When has a inde­pen­dent com­pany pro­vided a tech­nol­ogy so dis­rup­tive that it changed every­thing around it? Many times. Hei­del­berg print­ing is one to name a few.

Take a look at Wiki’s “Emerg­ing Tech­nolo­gies” and you can see what to expect in the near future. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_emerging_technologies

So a smart­phone with a good net­work con­nec­tion and twitter/ustream is a cat­e­gory killer? Yes, if the qual­ity rises, it can poten­tially put some news sta­tions out of busi­ness by broad­cast­ing direct to view­ers. Far fetched? Surely not so far fetched, edu­cated medieval men believed earth to be shaped like a square.

Does all of this apply at all to Japan ? No, because Japan­ese bureau­crats hate and can­not com­pre­hend sud­den change, unless it is planned way in advance, and must each finan­cially and socially ben­e­fit by such change, in a nut­shell it takes time to plan for change. Until the 90’s eco­nom­i­cally strong Japan, it was man­age­able, but  as a result of  inde­ci­sion and false eco­nomic expec­ta­tions set by the sys­tem, it col­lapsed and now is in no shape or form to resist change. Many coun­tries face the same dilemma now after the Lehman Shock. Wel­come to the Wall of VooDoo.

Refer­ring the non change to tele­com, spec­trum and other laws so impor­tant to have a sec­ond look to make avail­able for mobile. Softbank’s FTTH for every home makes sense if they all pro­vided some­thing like the FON to allow local­ized wire­less in any loca­tion to cover a remote area. Land line is cru­cial to this.

Con­tent? As con­nected peo­ple influ­ence how remote peo­ple should work once con­nected, then it can seep thru to cre­ate a sus­tain­able industry.

What am I try­ing to say?



白アスパラムース Damien Hirst の作品みたい











What in the hell hap­pened to Japan?   Once known for it’s inno­va­tions like Sony’s Walk­man and Honda’s F1 Cham­pion rac­ers and with trade sur­plus so large that trade mis­sions from US were sent every week to dis­cuss how to fix this imbal­ance now has a bank­rupt gov­ern­ment and the World’s largest pub­lic debt only after Zim­babwe, a num­ber two accord­ing to CIA Factbook.

Japan seems to be in an Entrenched Player’s Dilemma (see foot­note).   After the rub­ble of World War II, it has emerged as a eco­nomic mir­a­cle and giant along with Ger­many.  The Allies wanted Ger­many and Japan con­verted to free and demo­c­ra­tic econ­omy, put in the Mar­shall Plan to rebuilt the infra­struc­ture and indus­tries.  As a result, it had the world’s largest and finest machin­ery, and in a short time caught up with the stan­dards of United States and Britain. Then around 60’s and 70’s, fueled by demands of it’s cheap and pre­ci­sion engi­neer­ing and atten­tion to details, Japan became the pearl of the civ­i­lized East, as West­ern­ers, espe­cially the US made “under­stand­ing Japan” the equiv­a­lent of know­ing Asia while British made inroads to basic trade and bank­ing in China, a much smaller eco­nomic prize at that time.

It con­tin­ued to do well as long as it made cheap and good things, things that could not be man­u­fac­tured in the West­ern fac­tory. But after the Nixon Shock, and clear­ing of the Bret­ton Woods peg of 360 yen to the dol­lar gone,  Japan started mov­ing fac­to­ries and tech­nol­ogy to Tai­wan in the 80’s and later to China in the 90’s to stay com­pet­i­tive, along with key tech­nol­ogy trans­fers to these countries.

Mean­while Japan with it’s wealth and tech­nol­ogy is stuck in a Entrenched Player’s Dilemma in many mar­kets. It refuses to change. It sees CHANGE as evil and to save face in front of mass call to change, it changes the head but the body remains the same.

The most stun­ning evi­dence is in how Japan­ese bureau­cratic sys­tem cre­ated by the bureau­crats after the war assured their pros­per­ous exis­tence with tax money since 1945 with the help of McArthur and future LDP (1958) politicians.

A large per­cent­age of the money Japan made as an exporter in the golden years have been wasted on lav­ish pub­lic build­ings by NPOs and Spe­cial Cor­po­ra­tions(特殊法人), as well as salaries, art, 1st class world­wide trav­els and mis­tresses. It spurned the Ginza Club Bar indus­try where a sin­gle seat­ing costs more than 500 usd. It spurned the Ryotei pri­vate din­ner estab­lish­ments and inflated prices on prod­ucts because cor­po­ra­tions paid respect to bureau­crats in these establishments.

Only now, thru twit­ter, ustream and  par­tial change in polit­i­cal think­ing, has the Japan­ese gen­eral pub­lic wak­ing up to the fact that these guys have been pay­ing their wives, chil­dren and dummy com­pany mil­lions of yen for years, 10–30 years on some Spe­cial Cor­po­ra­tions and nobody, while estab­lish­ment cre­ated to thwart such behav­ior was actu­ally fuel­ing it as part of the system.

Japan­ese cor­po­ra­tions are taken hostage to this sys­tem where they are expected to pay pun­ish­ing fees to belong reg­u­la­tory com­mis­sions, and to be approved by var­i­ous rules and reg­u­la­tions. Many com­pa­nies that dom­i­nate cer­tain infra­struc­ture sec­tors were and are part of this sys­tems. One such exam­ple is NTT, the for­mer national telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions entity that still dom­i­nates, monop­o­lizes and clutches on basic tele­com infra­struc­ture. It’s out­dated total­i­tar­ian meth­ods have taken a beat­ing from the Par­a­digm Shift tak­ing place in this space. Soft­bank and Apple’s iPhone has cre­ated a major dent in it’s sub­scribers, although this is just a lit­tle dent for them. They OWN most of the FFTH lines and have no rea­son to fear anything.

Now all of these good old days are dis­ap­pear­ing on the sur­face while things have not changed as much as a nation. When I worked at Apple, I remem­ber a story told by my boss, Mr. Harada :

One day, me and Spindler (then Apple’s CEO) vis­ited the Japan­ese Min­istry of Edu­ca­tion. We walked in and they said no, it was as sim­ple as that. They said Apple was not ready to sup­ply to the Japan­ese edu­ca­tion sys­tem. When asked by Spindler on “when should we come back?” I told him “when 60’s clock hand floor sign on top of the ele­va­tor door becomes digital.”

We knew NEC 9908 run­ning MS-DOS was king, and that any­thing as for­eign and rev­o­lu­tion­ary as Apple’s WYSIWYG GUI OS will never be accepted, even if it was the best. Apple had not paid resects to the Japan­ese bureau­crats the Japan­ese man­u­fac­tur­ers did with their fre­quent din­ners and Ginza club­bing and a seat on the Board of Education.

The lay­ers of suck­ing tax in and sur­viv­ing insti­tuted by the bureau­crats is so exten­sive and wide­spread, Japan as a nation can­not sur­vive with­out it now. No once can change it, unless we begin to sink, and sink Japan has. There are a group of future think­ing tal­ented bureau­crats that have began to insti­tute change after they real­ized that they have been bit­ing their own hands too long and may pass out bloodless.

Humans are greedy. Greed is good in an open eco­nomic democ­racy aka Wall­street.  Every­thing Gekko did in the movie became legal later on.  Laws were changed.  Laws are made by the rich and influ­enced by money and social stature.

Watch­ing news on the Shan­hai World Expo pok­ing fun of the Chi­nese event that every­thing from Haibao the mas­cot to the China Pavil­lion and theme music is a copy. This pro­vides the gen­eral Japan­ese pub­lic with euphemism that Japan is still bet­ter in many detailed ways, naively eas­ing the pub­lic about the harsh real­ity that “atten­tion to detail” is not as impor­tant as raw mate­r­ial. mil­i­tary power, polit­i­cal unity and strong for­eign policy.

On the same chan­nel, it men­tions that China will be the sec­ond largest econ­omy in the world in 2010. Japan­ese pas­sive inac­cu­rate one sided media needs to change. Only NHK con­tin­ues to make world class pro­grams, oth­ers treat star divorces and drug use as top billing of national inter­est.  It’s pro­grams con­tents are filled spon­sored but sub­lim­i­nal con­sump­tion sug­ges­tions.  Air­waves wasted. Seems that Mr. Strong Econ­omy left the build­ing long time ago, and no one noticed.

See my ealier article

Air­port — Cell­phone — Fre­quency — Free­way = The Alien­ation of Japan


Entrenched Player’s Dilemma from wiki

The prob­lem with mature com­pa­nies is that the very com­mer­cial suc­cess of their prod­ucts increases their depen­dency on them. Mak­ing rad­i­cal changes in the product’s capa­bil­i­ties, under­ly­ing archi­tec­ture or asso­ci­ated busi­ness mod­els could can­ni­bal­ize sales or lead to costly realign­ments of strat­egy and busi­ness infra­struc­ture. It’s as though pop­u­lar and widely adopted prod­ucts become ossi­fied, hard­ened by the inher­ent incen­tives to build on their own suc­cess. The result is that entrenched indus­try play­ers are gen­er­ally not moti­vated to develop or deploy dis­rup­tive tech­nolo­gies.” [1]

all pho­tos from ookami_dou’s on flickr

Dis­claimer : these are only a sec­tion of my view­point which I have not expressed fully. I do not intend to crit­i­cize Japan or any other nation, but rather make a cyn­i­cal polit­i­cal state­ment on the state of eco­nom­i­cal limbo that Japan is in due to the “not pass­ing the tourch to the young”, a com­ment which I fully agree and thank from Charles Whip­ple on twitter.


今回はアジアでTDLとしてドメインビジネスを行うEdmon Chung氏をインタビュー。かれは お名前.comなど日本語や中国語などを利用したInternational Domain Name IDNを発明した人間です。英語ですが良かったらどうぞ。



The new com­pact dig­i­tal cam­era is a won­der. In a few sec­onds, I can shoot these up and side­ways panorama pho­tos. I am quite impressed on the advance of these cam­eras. It uses the gyro and the com­pass tech­nol­ogy as well as ccd and post imaging.


どんなに良い製品を作っても、その製品の利点を説明できなければしょうがない。文字で説明するより本来は写真で説明すべき。今回弊社が出したICEWEAR for iPadとTUNESHELL COLORSHELL for iPadでは製品を急いでアナウンスする作業に終われ、肝心な「他社との違い」を写真で打ち出せていないのでここで補足。「私のディレクションが無かったから漏れた」。やっぱり何でも自分で「鬼」になってやらなくてはならない。今回はまざまざとそれを実感。もう既にリリースは出ており、今更写真を入れてもトラフィックが違うが。。完全なる「機会喪失」である。Colorshellも本来iMac Colorsのようにプレイフルな並べ方ができた。この記事と写真は20分ぐらいで撮影、制作した。時間の問題じゃないと思う。写真は撮影したまま、カラコレも無し、掃除もしていない。この辺はちゃんとしないとね。。何かをちゃんとやるという事は意外と大変。iPadとか時期iPhoneとかWWDCとか、パッケージデザインと終わり無く追われている。。。




渡された一枚の紙に、昨日食したのは牛の細かい内容が書いてあった:、名号:やすかず号、各付け:A-5、個体識別番号:08315–01653、誕生日:平成19年5月5日こどもの日 とある。



岩手の特産品 黒毛和牛 いわて門崎丑、グルメ取寄岩手県産黒毛和牛 いわて門崎丑


前沢牛と門崎丑 前沢牛で有名になったいわての黒毛和牛。前沢牛と門崎丑は祖先を共にする近親種。「門崎丑」は、産地となっている岩手県南部の門崎で生産されている丑を特別にそう呼んでいます。 また、肉の匠が認めたいわて県産特選牛を「いわて牛」と呼ばさせていただいております。








参加者の多くがiPadを持参。野間 美由紀先生が初めて触るiPadで絵を描いてくれた。@hitoshiさんも書いてもらっていた。ありがとうございました。先生のtwit­terは@rose_m HP Miyuki’s Diary

実は最後に頂いた冷麺、本当にうまかった。これも超おすすめ。面が太くコリコリしていて、出汁が和風の鰹風味。最高に食べやすかった。沢山お肉を食べた後なのに、私は料理長にお願いし「有料でよいので冷麺を大盛りでおかわりください」と頼んでしまった。また多くに参加者が閉店後も朝一時近くまでレストランで歓談した。この店の R の意味は:Room 空間、Rop­pongi六本木、 Relaxレラックス、 Roundまるくと言う意味らしい。六本木に住み、気取らず最高級食材をリラックスして食べられお腹が丸くなるこのお店は毎月来たいなと思った。


Hi I am Gor­don. I can make you happy for a short time and mis­er­able for a life­time. 20th Cen­tury Fox

You want the truth? You can’t han­dle the truth. Son, we live in a coun­try with an invest­ment gap. And that gap needs to be filled by men with money. Who’s gonna do it? You? You, Mid­dle Class Con­sumer? Gold­man Sachs has a greater respon­si­bil­ity than you can pos­si­bly fathom. You weep for Lehman and you curse deriv­a­tives. You have that lux­ury. You have the lux­ury of not know­ing what we know: that Lehman’s death, while tragic, prob­a­bly saved the finan­cial sys­tem. And that Goldman’s exis­tence, while grotesque and incom­pre­hen­si­ble to you, saves pen­sion funds. You don’t want the truth. Because deep down, in places you don’t talk about at par­ties, you want us to fill that invest­ment gap. You need us to fill that gap. “We use words like credit default swaps, col­lat­er­al­ized debt oblig­a­tion, and secu­ri­ti­za­tion? We use these words as the back­bone of a life spent invest­ing in some­thing. You use ‘em as a punch­line. We have nei­ther the time nor the incli­na­tion to explain our­selves to a com­moner who rises and sleeps under the blan­ket of the very credit we pro­vide, and then ques­tions the man­ner in which we pro­vide it! We’d rather you just said thank you and paid your taxes on time. Oth­er­wise, we sug­gest you get an account and start trad­ing. Either way, we don’t give a damn what you think you’re enti­tled to!”

from Cal­cu­lated Risk

The new Wall­street movie is com­ing this year.  “Now greed is legal”.


iPadには色が似合う。薄い継ぎ目やモールドラインの全くないColor Shellが完成、iPad販売と共にお店に並びますよ。本当に美しいプロテクターでアップルロゴもちゃんと見えます。またiPadのカーブに沿って光が美しいモワレをおこし、楽しい遊び心のあるキャンディーみたいに輝きます。弊社がこれから販売する持ち運びバッグやポートフォリオ内にも入る薄さ。この利用方法を推奨するものではありませんが(当然ケース付きではDock/iPad間には隙間がほぼ無く、傾斜角度が前向きにつきますが利用できます)、Apple iPad Dockでもご利用いただけます。



まめ知識: この製品の生産にはものすごく高度な技術が使われており、全くモールドラインと呼ばれる「線」が何処にもありません。取り付け時空気を吹き出すぐらい完璧なフィット整形で完璧な形状の保護シェルです。


奇麗だよ! 写真では表現できない美しさ。この形状と素材、光が遊ぶのね、実に面白い。奇麗 うっとりため息。加工が無いからデコレーションも取れにくいですよ。是非全面デコレーションwithスワロを、ねニーナさん。



雨なのに奇麗に見える東京タワー。まるでTuneshell Col­orsの石谷さん仕様のパープルだ。



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